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Our team of engineers, geophysicists, geologists and land surveyors, authorized by the Romanian Cadastre and Land Registration Office (ANCPI), Romanian National Resources Agency(ANRM) and Romanian Railway Authority(AFER), offers professional services of land surveying, cadastre, geophysics and geotechnical investigation.

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About us

Member of "BELEVION" Bucharest which is the major shareholder, Belevion Geotopo Deva was formed in spring 1998. Main activityies are: design, map drafting, land surveying, geodesy and cadastre. Caught by romanian legislation at position 7420 CAEN - design activities, planning, engineering and other technical services.

In 2006 turnover was approx. 880 000 EUR

Belevion Geotopo LLC is authorized by ANCPI (www.ancpi.ro) Series B no. 934 and has implemented the ISO 9001:2008  the procedures for guaranteed quality. We currently have 10 employees, with an employment contract of indefinite duration: five ANCPI licensed surveyors,  a geologist, a draftsman, a secretary and two assistants (drivers), plus 5 other people available.

We provide professional services for these types of works:

  • Cadastre and tabulation for apartments, houses and lands;
  • Dismantling and merging of land;
  • Map drafting analogue and digital;
  • Land surveying, construction stakeout, property boundaries stakeout etc;
  • Technical advice regarding certificate of planning and building permit;
  • Cadastral documentation for agricultural and forest removal ;
  • Bathymetric measurements on rivers and lakes;
  • Technical documentation for mining licensing (gravel pits, quarries)
  • Equipment sales (total station, GPS, levels etc:)
  •  GPS processing



     We have modern and advanced surveying equipment, IT equipment and software. Our surveying teams are authorized by the Cadastre and Land Registration Office. 

Prices may vary according to the type of work (type of surveying, land location, on site work, hours etc:).

Competitive Advantages:

  • Operational efficiency. Fast and accurate survey.
  •  We perform our work in accordance with the laws and respecting the rules issued by the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI)
  • Quality Team
  • Real estate flexibility, tabulation.

     To help you out, below are the necessary documents for the cadastral file

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